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Spouted Bed Electrode Plating   Electro-Spec’s innovative methods for plating include our ability to utilize  Spouted Bed Electrode (SBE) for Gold, Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Palladium and  Copper plating.  Download eBook Quality Technology   At Electro-Spec, we take our quality practices extremely seriously,  and we  understand the value of advanced technology in paving the way for superior  services and capabilities.  Download eBook
Complete Capabilities Sheet   At Electro-Spec, we do a lot. Therefore, we wanted to save you time, and  organize all of our capabilities and services into one, easy-to-access,  detailed download  Download Sheet A Complete Guide to Electro-Spec   This guide includes everything you need to know about working with  Electro-Spec.  Download eBook
Selective Gold Plating   Gold is the ultimate precious metal for electrical contact plating. For that  reason, gold is used extensively in electrical component applications and many  others for which repeated physical contact occurs  Download eBook SAM'S Technology   Electro-Spec recently pioneered the use of Self Assembled Molecules (SAMs) to  improve the quality and cost efficiency of our plating services and products  Download eBook
TRI-M3 (Tri-Metal, Tri-Alloy, or White Bronze) Plating   Tri-M3is a tri-metal alloy finish with applications in the electronics,  aerospace, and medical industries. When you download this eBook you'll find out  the benefits of Tri-M3  Download eBook  An Overview of Passivation   At Electro-Spec, passivation plays a major role in our ability to bring our  customers industry leading specialty plating.      Download eBook