How SAM'S Technology (Self Assembled Molecules) Can Reduce Precious Metals Thickness and Provide Significant Cost Savings

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A wide range of devices with numerous applications use precious metal plating. This process, however, can often be expensive and the precious metal is subjected to wear and tear that can eventually cause failures. Electro-Spec’s innovative methods for plating include a technological advancement known as SAM’s.  The SAM’S process allows, for example a gold plated component to have a much thinner deposit without a reduction in functionality.

What is SAM’s?

SAM is an acronym for Self-Assembled Molecules. The SAM’S process employs bi-Functional or multi-functional molecules that offer two or more termination groups with different functionality. Essentially, the SAM’S proces s uses molecules that offer two levels of protection. The molecules used in the SAM'S method can be attached to metal alloys as well as ceramic, glass, plastics, and more. Right now, SAM’S technology is only being used as a post-plate surface treatment for gold, silver and tri-alloy (Tri-M3)



The Evolution of Electroplating

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Thanks to its unique advantages over other plating processes, electroplating is used in a number of different applications today. Electroplating is a process in which a layer of metal is applied to the surface of another to create an attractive or protective coating. It was discovered in 1805 by Italian chemist and professor Luigi Brugnatelli who, like many great inventors, stumbled upon the process accidentally.


RF Connector Plating with Tri-M3™

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Ever the innovator, Electro-Spec’s engineering team identified a need for a plating process that would enhance the performance of RF connectors. What they developed was the TRI-M3™ finish; this cutting edge process represents a dramatic improvement in plating RF connectors.

The TRI-M3™ process provides high corrosion and tarnish resistance with a shelf life that far exceeds traditional silver plating, and with superior electrical performance to nickel. This plating method overcomes the negative characteristics of silver and nickel plating, while enhancing their positive properties. Silver exhibits excellent electrical properties, but tends to tarnish and break down over time, while nickel exceeds silver regarding longer shelf life and wear characteristics, but exhibits poor intermodulation performance, high permeability, and poor screening effects.


Passivation: What it is, and Why It’s So Important

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The first step in manufacturing stainless steel parts is the actual fabrication. All parts must be made to spec, and obviously must adhere to the guidelines of design and application.


Use of Gold Plating in Electronics

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The use of gold plating in the electronics industry has been an ongoing part of the expansion of more complex digital electronics and equipment throughout many industry sectors.  According to BullionStreet, over 320 tons of gold are used each year in the electronics industry.  This includes gold in PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.  The overall use of gold in electronics is via gold plating.  Gold plating is primarily used on contacts for switches, relays, and connectors 


Self Assembled Molecules Cut Costs and Improve Quality

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As a pioneer in the plating industry, Electro-Spec constantly strives to improve upon current processes. . One of our recent technological innovations is the use of Self Assembled Molecules (SAMs) over plated surfaces. NanoSHIELD-AU provides  a number of benefits for plated products, including reduced thickness, enhanced contact resistance, diffusion resistance, and corrosion and wear resistance. To date, Electro-Spec is the only metal finishing  company in the world that utilizes this technology.


Spouted Bed Electrode eBook offering

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Electro-Spec has seen its share of unique requests for products and components to be electroplated. With an innovative technology like Spouted Bed Electrode (SBE), we are able to plate Gold, Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Palladium, and Copper. 


Micro Medical Devices are “Huge”

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Electronic devices continue to shrink in size to become more portable and convenient (cell phones, laptops, tablets, wireless devices, etc.) but now it’s medical devices that are shrinking in size as well. As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly possible to make miniature implantable devices that are less likely to disrupt patients’ daily lives. However, this remarkable trend has presented new challenges to manufacturers who now have to fit lifesaving technologies into a micro-sized space where the greatest issue is often getting enough processing power or battery capacity.


Electro-Spec: Value Through Innovation

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Electro-Spec is truly a one-of-a-kind company. As one of the leading specialty plating facilities in the country, we are continually evolving and advancing our capabilities and the ways in which we can serve and add value for our customers. We are on the cutting edge of the aerospace, medical, automotive and telecommunications industries, so as technologies change and different specifications are required, we adapt quickly with the highest of quality in mind. Many of our products are used in applications that require 100% conformity and we deliver on these specifications constantly. We understand the need for precision plating, exact tolerances, and consistent coverage. Our commitment to our customers and suppliers shows through in our advanced and specialized electroplating, passivating, and heat treating services.